March 04, 2010

Shadow's fade

Dawn's glow shall bring new life and hope,
Beyond it's burning glow life will ring with pride,
And the fires of life will glow like no other,
And thus at night the stars will shine for you

And so the path is walked and pondered over
Where then hidden commodores come to life,
Where dreams become reality and shadows fade to gray,
So then your hope can grow and shine ,

For no burden will hold you down,
No worries keep you tied in chains
Your strength will rise to set you free
And doubt can then just slip away

For truth in self will spur you on
Beyond any confounds you will grow
Awareness then shall ever adapt
So you shall shine among the world

Reach outwith your given grasp
Surrender to your dreams and be so free
Take my given hand and let me aid you see
No path shall you ever take alone

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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