March 04, 2010

Bid Farewell

And so when the time shall come
Take my hand I'll hold you up
Last farewells be sent in faith
As the journey unfolds new expectations

Sliver not to the corner and hide
Come forth and allow yourself to shine
Fear not the road that lays ahead
Fear not the ones you leave behind

All is well and each is loved
A rose is sent to your beloved
Where in return you will never be forgotten
Where from your memory they're strength will grow

So bid farewell the time has come
Take my hand and I'll lead the way
Beyond these doors the angels await
And in time you can return

To see those that you have left
To watch them as they make each day
To love them always so fly free
This is our journey and how it should be

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

This poem was written within the mind of how a spirit makes it's next journey, when we leave our vessel and bid a silent farewell to those who are then left behind

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