March 08, 2010

Wolf Heart

A wolf heart beats with intensity,
It's strength a growing curiosity,
Call to me my animal kin.
I feel your spirit waver within.

Sing to me your powerful song.
Show the world the pack remains strong.
Over under near or far rejoice the call is now awake,
Within the hearts wolf soul shall not break

With your direction our way is found
Paths be guided by your magical sound
Be it night or be it day
The trusted wolf will know the way

The elixir of life beats through every vein
Through yours and mine it's all the same
The air that surrounds your mysterious face
I take pleasure in seeing your profound grace

When our hearts beat together as one this night
In unison our spirits grow close they don't fight
Call to me my wolf brother our souls are one
Sing your song as I beat the awaiting drum

Your heart is strong, so full of love and compassion
So misunderstood and never conforming to fashion
Your pride alive burns from your ashen eyes
To light up my heart and the darkest of skies

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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