March 17, 2010

Here I Am

All along the distant shores,
I see the lights, the lights aglow,
From this place i know inside,
That all is calm do hide,
For here i am, right next you,
Here i am what shall we do,
Here i am, always to stay,
Here i am, I'll walk your way

All along the road across the sea,
Is so many places we yearn to be,
Where we can leave the world behind,
And live and new and settle life,
So here i am, call to me,
Here i am, where i'll always be,
Here i am, I'll help you through,
Here i am, what shall we do

All along the way ahead it's true,
The road before its there to travel through,
Don't forget, oh don't forget,
The challenges we have set
For here i am, ready for you,
Here i am, I'm here for you,
Here i am, just call to me,
Here i am, cant you see

Here i am, just ask me please,
Here i am I'm on my knees
Here i am, all day long,
Here i am when you are strong,
Here i am all through the night,
Here i am when the moon is bright,
Here i am in mornings dawn,
Here i am let's stay strong

Jennifer Don (C)2010

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