March 09, 2010

Be One Be Whole

I tread with caution as I weave through these trees,
To turn my head at every sound upon the breeze,
With words in the air and eye's that stare,
I keep watch for any signs of a bear

No bears are here the voices call out,
This place is sacred enjoy your walk about.
Revive the instinct within your heart and soul
Let your mind and body be one be whole

You come in search of answers but you see,
You know within what's right to set you free,
Come and join me by the strong tall tree,
Sit upon the roots, close your eyes and see

You won't see me but know my energy is clear
I'll grant you safety, in this place have no fear
I am with you always in all that you do
And all my love is unconditional and sent to you

I dare not doubt those words spoken to me
I trust those words, with truth I feel them to be
In safety I know I can relax now upon this sturdy tree
So much so I close my eyes and there I am, I am free.

Such a place of peace and contented bliss
In nature and mind a place not to miss
Where peace is granted and love is found
Where I can be one be whole in natures sound.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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