March 07, 2010

Morning Mist

Why does the light shine so bright through morning mist,
Upon the winters shaded morning dawn,
In true fashion nature's show should not be missed,
As Nightingale sings that beautiful morning song

A melody of harmony filled with love divine
One to lighten the heart of many a heavy soul
To fill the land with love pure and divine
So strong is that melody so pure and whole

In that shining light of a wondrous sun rise
That morning mist dare's not dwell to hover
Beyond that morning mist does there contain life's surprise
Promise of delight surly in sight gives reason to ponder

Between the songs and light all shadows fade from sight
To spur the activity of nature's life all around
A gentle rhythm the pulse of life, the heart be light
And so the rose does awaken in flow of morning sound

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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