April 07, 2010

Flames of Life

Flames of life and learning be
Found in love treasured free
Where arts of words come alive
Upon the pages do they jive

Where flames of learning grow so bright
To aid you on in yearn est of night
Where fear be shattered into tiny shards
Where stars light up each and every yard

Flames of fire alive in side us be
Spur us on for what will be will be
Shadows gone in place of light
For it grows with the fire so bright

No page left unturned this dawning day
Where your answers are found upon your way
Where not the river can diminish your flame of fire
Where not your fear over comes your trust and desire

Where peace alas may still elude our touch
Where we can say I love you very much
Where we can see with clarity so clear
Where trust in self and others defeat that fear

Where flames grow in speed as do you in strength
Where learning then comes in to support your strength
Where your courage shines like the bright stars of night
Where your passion still grows strong in your dazzling light

Flames of life grow deep within your core
They cover the land from shore to shore
They bring new life of that we need
New changes so that in us we may succeed

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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