January 14, 2009

Something for thought

Hey all thought I'd share something with you , it may mean the same or similar to you but was listening to a song earlier and well something clicked with it. that song is Where you are - by rascal Flatt's some may know it some may not. Anyways was listing and the lyrics rung out for me so will put what lyrics and what i took from it.

"There you are standing strong , I'm a leaf holding on."

a leaf that blowing in the wind connected to the strong sturdy tree that's stands so tall, showing that there are times personally where we do not need to be as strong as we act for there are others that will give us that support and for a while we can hold on to them for that support while we rustle in the wind of thought and life.

" oh i love how you see right to the heart of me "

At times we all hide our emotions but know when there are some who see through our veil and at times that's what we need. We can try and try to hide what we feel but there are others who surround is in life who will see something is up. when you release what you hold you clear it from your mind

" You're a waterfall washin over me "

This again i feel relates to the last comment. Waterfalls a symbol of healing and cleansing and when you release or share thoughts and feelings with others you in return are doing a bit of self healing and cleansing that in return could explain why we feel better after getting things of our minds or our chest so that the burden we did have is no more.

" For i am on my way , You're a mountain top, when i reach for you , your love lifts me up "

Again this is as i see it how we feel when others lift us up with there love and support, mountains are strong and so is genuine love shared not just love of passion but actual love that respects others around us. When others are there to lift us up from when we are down we then can see what was and what is the view on top of the mountain is wide and plentiful , full of beauty and wisdom as are we deep within us all.

" all i want to be is where you are "

Isn't that what we tend to think in live we would rather be somewhere else with ones we love rather than look to what we have there and then and look within to see what is actually there. Of course we would love to be in other places but that isn't as life intended so its best foot forward and heads up.

Take from life what we need and not that we want for wants aren't always what we well and truly need at any given time. We have the support of many around us from Mediumystics , To Friends and family even complete strangers will offer support and aid.

We are never completely alone and we never have to ever. We have our guides we have the angels we have with us in spirit all our family in friends but most of all we have each other for support and we have ourselves.

If anyone wants to listen to the song in full and see how it makes them feel its called - - - Where You Are - by - Rascal Flatts

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