January 27, 2009

Love Just Keeps on Giving

Inspiration for this one came to me through a lovely person in Mediumysticss. This person has shown that love can heal many hearts and lifts many hopes and banishes some of our fears as well. So from that I felt I had to write something to go with what they had done and in return I dedicate this poem to all who just love to give and to this person who has helped me help myself. She knows who she is .

Love Just Keeps on Giving

Living in the comfort of love.
Touched by many thankful hearts
Love embodies us, as though it were a glove
But times feel like we are in parts

It brings us all back together
Sharing voices and thoughts
Sharing between one another
Peaceful happy thoughts

Love will shine for eternity
Never dying nor fading in light
Love is bound by strength and dexterity
It will shine as the stars do all through the night

Within us all theres room for more
And even more that we can share
Strength and love can heal whats sore
But at times it needs to be laid bare

Spread it out and feel the beating drums
Its a thing of magic and inner beauty
Never will anything feel like it burns
Love is light and never sooty

Jennifer Don (c)

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