January 16, 2009


Well it's finally here the credit crunch has arrived with a bite, not only are we connected to freeze with the extreme temperatures we can't afford to put the heating on for long no wonder there is alot of bugs going around. While at work , lunch time rush kids we even worrying about this credit crunch you could hear them talking of it, and then you realise that if only the county pulls together instead of apart. If we unite as one then we have a better chance or beating this crunch got me thinking and ended with this ... oh by they way lol it didn't hurt


From the frail and very pleasant
To the scurrying and seldom patient
From children rushing all around
Running playing going to ground

Some abusive, show no caring
But my love I will keep on sharing
Where's the manners this day and age
And as the credit crunch takes full rage

Let's all come together as a Nation
Coming together with Innovation
As united we will stand
Divided we all fall

So why are we so afraid
This is all man made
We can and will recover again
So let's stand together and Hey! hold the rain

Jennifer Don (c)

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