January 16, 2009

Tae Bein a Scot

Well as an earlier post states this year is the Scottish Homecoming and it got me thinking of Scots dialect and words so here's my poem to share some love and passion too.

Tae Bein a Scot

Crivens will ye no chillax
Ye forget we're no battle axe
We hae the broons and a fitba team
Our wullie too or hae ya seen

I'll read the word
Doon by the brook
Whair the bairns a' play
A nation at hand and ere we stay

We hae our dreams and hae our way
Tae Rabbie burns an Scot's wha hae
A man o' passion through a' his days
We hae they thistle, it hauds our gaze

Scot's a nation o' pride nae shame
whare e'er we go , it'll awa's be hame
Ain't no whare else I'd rather be
Scotland's in ma heart , it's part o' me

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