January 08, 2009

A Wolf's Decision

A passion for wolves I have and always wanted to write another poem in connection to them but never really had the time or words to gather together. and then tonight something hit me from two lines i said to somone else led me to write this poem a wolf's descision.

A Wolf's Decision

A still and silent night
The moon aglow and oh so bright
A silent rustle comes from within the trees
The gentle rustle of trodden leaves
A gentle panting noise can be heard
A wolf stands alone and looking reserved

She has wandered from what was comfort in the pack
To search the world of the unknown in the dark
Led along the way by the guidance of moonlight
On such a clear and starry night
Through her struggles of trial and error
She sees life isn't as she likes to remember

But her courage pushes her on
Her thirst to learn grows strong
She pushes onward ever forward
Her wisdom growing inward
Standing now upon a rock looking outward
Gazing to the gorge below and glancing backward

Something stirs within never has she felt this before
A burning desire growing strong for she wants to be alone no more
A resounding howl is released from within
Not once but more she wont give in
The call of her pack the sound of there song
Once a bond that was ever so strong

No reply comes from the trees
A fear now buckles her to her knees
A whimper now from the lone wolf yearning for reassurance
Five minutes go by but to her it feels like eternity then hope of insurance
A cry responds from deep within the trees, not one but five then many
Her ears prick up and then her head standing up and feeling steady

She howls again just to check it wasn't her imagination
Again a response comes back to her a happy situation
Growing louder and louder and sounds come near
Out from the trees come the pack no longer does she fear
Her head raised high in unison they sing there song
The call of the wild their song and bond will forever remain strong

Jennifer Don (c)

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  1. What a beautiful blog Jend, the poems are lovely and the music is so peaceful, when I finished reading I felt so calm, keep up the good work xxxxx raven