January 27, 2009

Hidden Beauty

A simple one for this one, Have u ever sat and daydreamed while being at work and then something comes along and brings you back. I am not talking about interruptions from another person. But perhaps that of another being , entity , energy or animal for me one afternoon it was the butterfly that got me thinking and i started jotting little things down and before I knew it I had written this

Hidden Beauty

As the cocoon hatches
The butterfly emerges
Unfolding her wings
The transformation beings

From that lonely Caterpillar
To that butterfly flutter
That elegant design
Is no longer resigned

For we all see her in her glory
In no way is it gory
But her beauty really does shine
So does yours and mine

From within and spreading outward
Filling up and moving forward.
The delicate journey and mindful wisdom
Shared by one and all within our glorious kingdom

Jennifer Don (c)

Also from that I then wrote this which I will forever keep :

"The Butterfly transformed into beauty acknowledging
there is more to life than the shell we hide within.
Shine the love outwith."

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