January 16, 2009

Guidance Wolves

This one is just a short one about the wolves that walk with me everywhere i go, they are my main animal totems/guides.

The wolves that walk along side me
Not one but two, yes two not three
The wolf who is to my right
So stunning and beautifully white

The wolf that walks to my left hand side
So beautiful and dark, but light on the mind
One is newer than the other
But together they act like brothers

Sharkari so big and strong and oh so white
His coat shines in the moonlight
My protector and great teacher
He is a leader but not a preacher

Daturo smaller but just as wise
Within us the courage will rise
He is never really far away
He just runs and wants to play

The two with me we are a pack
They watch my front and even my back
They guide me along on my way
And try so hard so I don't stray

Jennifer Don (c)

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