January 31, 2009

Moonlight Action

This is another poem about wolves , yes you read right lol wolves. My greatest passion in life or hobbies rather is anything in connection with wolves or native American Indians or lol Egyptian items.But for now i feel my focus is more towards the wolves so if that is where I am being lead then I am more than happy to follow that direction for now.

Moonlight Action

Iridescent eyes aglow in the light

Laying down to rest before calling out in the night
Wishing life's peace would linger
But that wolf he dares not hinder
He stirs stretching as he rises
Gazing all around making sure of no hidden surprises

As he stirs and the pack rises and stirs along with him too
Gazing back at each other they all know what's next to do
The silence has been broken that eerie cry now rings through the sky
Not one cry but many, a call to pack as if they're saying hi.
A domineering call to all who hear it within his zone
A warning for trespassers don't go near my bones

Now they're all awake and alert
Hunting mode now as their claws now grip the dirt
The cubs in the pack think its a game and want to play
A growl and some teeth laid bare , no not today
So back they go to mum while the rest weave through the trees
Running steadily pacing themselves through the leaves

A deer lurks a head of them, now separating to circle on in
Padding closer quietly nearer and nearer a lunge and oh what a din
The dear is down not quite silent but soon they have their meat
Eating what they can there and then saving some for the pack greet
Now contented and full, regrouping together and heading back
Never alone to walk in the dark always as one when in the pack.

Jennifer Don (c)

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