January 08, 2009

Positively Led

I know within me which I would rather and try to keep to. So does it make you think about what you want and what you have. Life's too short to be looking with heads down facing the ground. I was taught to look to the positives in life and that in return has spurred me on. Yes I find it hard at time to stay positive and I think we are all allowed and off day. But majority of the time whats got to be done , just has to be done.

Positively Led

While a negative head
Is full of dread
Full of all kinds of worries
And even thoughtless sorries

A positive head
Is positively led
Even on the down trodden beat
You can keep your feet

Through summer days
And winter nights
To Autumn leaves
And Northern Lights

From spring tide flows
And cosmic rifts
From sandy shores
To wood that drifts

A searching soul
And a wondrous smile
The hopeful goal
Makes life worth wile

The pros and con's
On every ones minds
What makes us hold on
And look inside

Our hearts desires
Or wishful thinking
Whatever inspires
Keep on ticking

What would you rather
A negative head full of dread
Or do you prefer the latter
A positive head that's positively led

Jennifer Don (c)

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