January 18, 2009

A Sign of Winter

Generally this year our winter has been pretty mild and dry some sunny spells far and few between popping out from the clouds just to let us all know the sun is still there and still shining away for all to see. I mean last few years winter has been rough hasn't it, major flooding and all that and well this year look back to it since November.. mild dry but frosty and mighty cold , not so much rain or strong winds either....... that is until last nights show of thunder and lighting along with torrential rain and eventually snow.. the day started so well too was a lovely sunny morning so i got writing lol .

A Sign of Winter

I awoke this morning to a sea of white
It had obviously snowed through the night
The cold and frosty chill still in the air
Oh snowball fights, now let's play fair

Forget that last remark
The snow is fading what a lark
It's all melting into mush
Two hours in and it's all slippy slush

Up on the hills it's still there
Only now its just a thin layer
So lovely it is to look at
On venturing out please try and wear a hat.

Jennifer Don (c)

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