July 04, 2010

No Angel

I may not have wings in which to fly.
And scarcely have a halo to shine.
I am no angel but please don't sigh.
I have no song in which to sing.

For all that I am not, don't hold me to.
I would give a shoulder when you need to cry.
Ask a question and I'll try and answer you.
I have no shadow in which you see but I'll say hi.

I am further than you can see.
Closer than you may understand
I am there with you when you are free.
And with you when you need a guiding hand

I may not be the one you seek
Or the one you truly need
But I will hold you when you are week
And guide you so you may succeed.

I shall be there when you look to stars
And upon the wisp of wind to touch your face
I will aid you as you heal from all your scars
To help you as you win your race.

I am here for you and always will be
Your guide, your love your ever shining light
Where your strength can then rise to be free
As I stand with you all through the night.

Jennifer Don 2010

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