July 16, 2010

The Forgotten Land

To the forgotten places and age old races,
Long gone memories and tender faces.
To rooms no longer left to stand,
In places of the forgotten land.

Where age old stories lay to the side.
Where wisdom find's a place to hide.
Recall to us the stories of old.
Bring back memories of what we were told.

Connect us once more with those we love
To fill the gaps of what we think of.
Long gone from our minds into the void
And forgotten places we try to avoid

Rekindle the desire to learn from old
Where passions grow from the story told
United us with the names to the faces
And remind us of those forgotten places

The white sands that shimmer under the sun
Where we would visit with a loved one
To sit under the sun on the banks of grass
Nothing now can ever surpass

As those forgotten places come alive once more
And names come to those faces I adore
No longer are they forgotten away
I have remembered this very day

Jennifer Don 2010

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