July 07, 2010

If You Were An Animal

If you were an animal what would you be
I think I'd be a Wolf so wise and free
Within the tree's my home and pack will stay
Where I am safe upon any dawning day.

Or I think it'd be a hawk to fly up high
To see the land and all it's glory from the sky
To spread my wings as freedom takes hold
To perch my talons on the tree's to stand bold

Or maybe I'd be a ferocious Tiger
A Tiger I said and not a Liger.
With brilliant orange and black on my back
I'd be safe in the bushes with courage i wont lack

Or I'd be the frolicking horse upon the land
Where I am wild and untamed by any hand
To enjoy the day with the wind on my back
Where I can run fast without looking back

If you where an animal which would you be
Would you care to share.. I long to see
A wolf is my course of that I can't change
We are united in spirit upon this day and age

Jennifer Don 2010

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