July 11, 2010

The Shift

Within the great circle of friendship, the energy growing
The fire before us ever dancing vividly burning
As he reached to his pouch and threw spice on the flames
It did dance to show us the great plains

The lands of old and what is now new
To show us the change and why the land is so few
The circle continues to grow with more coming forth
They've heard the calling, coming in from the North

Witnessed the signs as they come from the South
Coming in from East by the word of mouth
And in from the West bound in trust
All feeling that there travel now was a must

United for reasons beyond understanding
Gathered now before the fire ever burning
As the story's are told and the songs are sung
Of how the great wars were lost and won

Four corners united in understanding of change
Readily awaiting the shift and energy exchange
Bringing forth the elements of Mother Earth
Eagerly awaiting for the dawning of spiritual rebirth

Rekindling the connections of family's of old
Fearing nothing as they stay strong and bold
Raising the energy through those upbeat songs and prayers
Overcome by all the emotion releasing the welcome tears

Jennifer Don - 2010

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