July 07, 2010

Wolf Spirit Within

Can you see the spirit within me.
Remains the wolf boding and free.
To weave through the wonders at night.
To lead me on my path no need for light.

My strength it comes when the call is sounded.
A calling to know that we are trusted.
Can you see through the eye's of mine
The wolf spirit within that won't resign.

I am no animal of that you see.
I am your kith and kin..
I am me. I follow where I feel the calling.
Where ever he guides without stalling.

Through the tree's and by the stream.
To a clearing free and green.
Where spirit of wolf comes before me.
Teaching me, Leading me asking nothing of me.

For within my mind I hear the calling again.
We.. our spirits..are one and so shall remain.
Do not fear the hidden for I will stand with you.
I am your eye's and ears in all that you do.

Jennifer Don 2010

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