June 30, 2010

Amber Eyes

As I watch those Amber eye's that gaze in my direction.
I see great wisdom, confirmation of connection.
Like small fire's burning in the night.
Those eye's are tender yet shine so bright.

Drawing you within the wonders that may be.
Burning desires overflowing waiting to be free.
Yearning for the call, that may ring clear this night.
The answer to questions may then be found in hidden sight.

Those amber eye's alive and comforting.
Like beacons upon the path ever watching.
Knowing, always knowing what has to be done.
Always eager always warm like the sun.

A calling flicker within my heart I now know.
In which direction I should go.
Still those amber eye's ever staying.
Always watchful silently watching

Never a moment of fear before me as I hold my own
Those amber eye's guiding me to that peaceful zone
Showing the directions in which I'll see what is true
Aiding understanding of which shines from those eyes like morning dew

Jennifer Don 2010

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