July 12, 2010

Weaving Words

I've come to find and treasure my place of "peace" within.
Where comfort is brought and words rise from deep within.
Flowing upwards like the water from a Fountain
Even if I stand upon the highest Mountain,

If I close my eyes for a moment in the day.
This place does take all the walls away.
Where words are smoother as I long for them to be.
Weaving, flowing singing as they weave there way to me

I come to a place of constant tranquility awaiting me.
Where passion can flow as they should be.
Watching the flames of the tender fires burning with delight.
At the growing cause for such warm and delicate insight.

Flickering flames granting the words that I may write
To patch them together long into the fading light
Beyond the changing light into the star cast night
The longing call for those words remain tenderly insight.

Awaiting the structure that brings peace to a sorrowful heart
That brings meaning for someone like a piece of art
To bring hope after torment and Strength to carry on
Such words bring them power to awaken after dawn

And so I treasure the peace of reflection that aids my soul
A release for one and all instead of loosing control
Where I can sit upon the mountain or tender words
Weaving there way towards me like a flock of birds.

Jennifer Don - 2010

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