July 09, 2010

I'm Not Sorry

I'm not sorry for loving you,
For being there to hold your hand
My words to you are true.
Will you take the moment to understand

I'm not sorry for standing with you
For being there as your fighting to hold on
Supporting you through all that you do
Being there as the sun does rise at dawn

I'm not sorry for being your friend
For being there as you shed those tears
I'll be there with you right to the end
To help you eradicate all your fears

I'm not sorry that I made you smile
As we spent those moments together
That there are times we did laugh a while
So I'll hold you close when I remember

I'm not sorry for sharing my time with you
As you were my angel my darling little rose
How could I ever spend a moment without you
What will I do now when it's time to let go

Thank you for being my little angel
My precious little light from up above
It's time now for you to be a true angel
And as you go, please take all my love

Jennifer Don - 2010

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