July 18, 2010

Profound Beauty

Tiny little dazzling drops of rain,
Sliding down upon the window frame.
Fragmenting light as it shines on through,
Casting rainbows all for you,

Slowly escaping from your gaze tonight.
As they hold the spectrum of light.
Beyond the droplets a windswept terrain.
Taking a pounding from the falling rain

Digging deep for the storm that is ahead
Are the trees so strong, with leaves so cherry red.
Swaying back and forth upon the blustering gale
Almost dancing with magic refusing to fail

Those creaking boughs sound like it's singing
Singing the songs of life once gone, and all that's beginning
Catching the rain upon the leaves, to drop them again
Dropping into rhythm like a tender pulsing vein

The wailing wind begins to fade away into the night
They slip away and clear the sky for the moonlight
As the clouds fade away, so too does the lashing rain
For the once tormented terrain to be quiet once again

Where all that remains are those droplets of rain
Now cascading down your window frame.
Distorting the images as you gaze on through
Catching the little rainbows destined just for you

Jennifer Don - 2010

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