July 16, 2010

Stolen Joy

When you came into the world of being
When you starting living and breathing
You filled my heart with so much joy
My love for you I did deploy

Then one day from us you were gone
There were no words to fill a song
And on that day I really did tare in two
I searched every square mile I could in search for you

Over hills near and far with hope in my hand
Searching for answers praying to understand
Why you were taken and sent to heaven
At the tender age of only seven

I shouldn't be the one standing at your grave
I shouldn't be the one trying to be brave
If only I could hold you in arms my darling child
To smell your hair, your scent so mild

If I could trade my place for yours today
I would so that you may live and play
I would do it, if I could see your little smile
If it was possible it would be so worthwhile

I cannot say how much pain I feel today
That they came and took you away
My innocent child with bright blue eyes
I see you always even when I cry

Jennifer Don 2010

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