April 18, 2010

Those Wings

I'm carried along, with a strength so strong,
With a beat of the drum, my inner song,
That now for the very first time,
I see those wings as they shine,

Within that vibrant hue of golden light,
That warms the heart to such a delight.
Caring wings from one so old,
From freedom that teaches us to be bold

Where our growing spirit learns the fight,
That keeps our fire burning long into the night
As I'm carried along I learn how to pray,
To do thing's my way along the growing highway,

With those wings at my side,
Learning the lesson of nothing to hide
Carried through the shadows into a lighter place to be,
I feel the burdens lift as those wings set me free

To then see the light reflect to rainbows bright,
From those soft caring wings of such delight.
Where all pain is gone as the rain does fall
Where in it's place is strength, I pray I don't stall

As those wings I find come from angels all around
I know that love is never gone but always found
Peace fills the mind as I am guided this warm day
Knowing my travels are pure along the growing highway

And so as I'm carried with a strength so strong
I know that life will forever hum it's peaceful song
Through anything we can travel With our pride
That life is there to have fun and not to hide.

Jennifer Don. 2010

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