April 28, 2010

Will You

Would you come should I call
Will you answer with spoken word
Would you catch me if I should fall
Would you sing the soulful song

Would you show the signs when your around
Would you wave that old familiar smell
Can you give me some hint or sound
That you have come when I have called

Will I know you when you are here
Will I feel the warmth I long to feel
Will I be free from all the tears
I long to have just a moment in time

A moment with you just like the past
A moment to feel your loving touch
To hold the moment close and have it last
To say the words that I've waited to say

So will you come, If I dare call to you
Will you take my hand again, and make it all clear
And will you read the words that you used to
So that I may carry you for ever more within my heart

Jennifer Don 2010

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