April 28, 2010

Pen To Paper

I've sat with pen to paper,
With thought's that waver,
For words to flow,
Weaving in and out as they go,

Watching the birds flying high,
Watching the cars pass on by,
Relaxing with the music that fill's my ears,
To have some thoughts ever so clear,

To glimpse the memories of old,
The ones I hold close like sacred gold.
Those tender moment's caught in time,
For me to cherish for they are mine,

And so once more I'm back in focus on my way,
A moment of stillness to hear the whispers of love today
To clear the mind of what may be
To see the world alive and ever so free

To feel the passion burning alive inside
To know that words should never be left to hide
To feed them to the world around
For others to feel and hear they're sweet sound

And so as I sit to ponder the flow
These words that are written found a place to go
Upon the pages in which we may on day turn
To have them in the open keeps my heart free to burn

Jennifer Don 2010

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