April 14, 2010

The Phoenix

Have you seen a bird so free,
One that should rise from the ashen ground to be,
Full of colour within my mind such a sight,
It leaves a trail of colour such a delight,
To rise and fall when time is called to rise once more,
From devastation when flames lash out and fade away
Knowing when the remains cool, It's ash shall be gray,
So silent has it fallen without the fire-bird song
Gone once more but not got long,

Give it a moment and life is reborn.
For eternity this sacred bird shall fly,
From the dawn of time it chose to rise soaring high
Co-existence within each life long cycle
Magic and mystery This the fire-bird shall be
A challenge to face the road again ever free
Over and over in the cycles with us it chooses to be
In our minds and always free above the lands to call
To sing it's song of revival for one and all

Jennifer Don 2010

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