April 28, 2010

Can You See Her

There's an angel, over my shoulder
Can you see her, she is older,
She is one, she is two and she is free,
She's a whisper in the wind,
She's a golden star in the sky,

She's a feather on the floor,
She's a knock upon the door,
Can you see her can you see,
She is there just listen to me,
Can you feel her cause she is there,

There's an angel at my window
Can you see her, she is mellow
She will whisper words in my ear
She will always leave a calling card
As she visits when I need her

She's a flower in my mind
She's of freedom with no earthly bind
Can you see her, shining bright
Casting all colours of the rainbow tonight
There's an angel with me now

Can you see her, can you see
Of such wonder and mystery
Can you feel her, with me now
Can you see her take a bow
See that angel over my shoulder

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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