April 28, 2010

Contemplations Of A Day

Contemplates the day ahead,
Oh the joy's of work that make me rise up from bed.
To sit and ponder where the morning has gone,
With my mug of tea and by the way this isn't a song.

To sit and think what the day will hold,
The sun is gone the clouds are out is the summer sold.
The roads outside already rumble with the passing cars.
Oh how I wish it was night to watch the stars.

To be as free as the bird flying high
Instead I sit ready to head out and let the day pass by
To await what the world has in-store for me this day
With faith I hold my head high as I make my way

Out the door and down the stairs to meet world outside
To venture forward to a place my work does reside
To meet and greet all new faces about they're day
Shopping for the food they need upon this a cloudy day

To cater for the week that lies ahead
Shopping for the basics of milk and bread
Going away with a trolley load having spent too much
Worrying next perhaps what to have for lunch

Counting up how many dinners they did buy
Wondering if they have enough and so they sigh
And so the cycle continues day after day
Where we all need that food of life in every way

A glance to the clock say's it's time for home
And so I clock out and I'm now free to roam
Free for a day and then back again it's true
But each day differs and wouldn't be the same without you

Jennifer Don 2010

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