April 28, 2010


To ride upon that white winged majestic wonder,
To be so low to touch the waves and rise to hear the thunder,
Upon the back of grace I hold the moment close inside,
Hearing the thunder bellow across the sky as I take this ride

To be above the tree's and see the world around
To hear the birds, so gentle is they're sweet sound.
To feel that breeze upon my wind swept face
As I fly upon this animal at such a gentle pace

An animal of myth but in my sight is true
To hold it's head high with pride to not be blue
The strength of such fine powerful wings
A softness does it's heart and soul sing

Such dignity and elegance it move's with ease
To grace the land and leave not a breeze
So soft are those feathers within those strong wings
So tender they are, as they surround me, my heart sings

So to ride upon this creature so mild and strong
Is a gift of love to treasure that will never be gone
To have this creature grace me with such a moment
One that I will cherish with such fine sentiment

Jennifer Don 2010

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