April 21, 2010

Will Tomorrow

The sun is shining outside that window,
But it's not so warm it's mellow,
Upon the back of a cloudy day,
Will tomorrow bring a warmer day ?

Will tomorrow see the sky's so blue ?
Where it's open and warm for me and you,
Where in the gardens we can rest,
Be free from work to be our best.

Where the wonders of the world rise that day,
Where the squirrel round the back can play.
Where the birds shall swoop from tree to tree,
Upon the back of a clear day so free.

Will tomorrow be the day we await ?
Where we can rest with no hallowed debate
To free our core from the chains around
To relax with the oceans pulsing sound

Will tomorrow see the change so long due ?
Where the sun shall shine to chase the blues
Where the earth is healed and your spirit to
Tomorrow will bring the hope to start anew.

Jennifer Don 2010

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