May 02, 2010

The Heart Sings

As the heart sings, the soul too shall resonate to the same tune.
To a point in which the words will flow like the currents of the sea.
Ebbing in and out settling upon the pages to which we write.
Upon pages where our thoughts and feelings really can be free.

Where imagination becomes your visionary to see for what it is.
Where the words just jump out at you with passion.
To which the heart and soul will continue to sing it's song.
Where those words will slide easily with flowing motion.

Weaving through the branches upon the strong tree's in life.
Creating whispers in the wind a music in the heart.
From morning sunrise all through to the setting sun at night.
Where like each day a new one arises to which we play our part.

To which we are connected in unison to Earth's energy.
Where we all share a common tie to which some are uncertain.
Where aspects of the seen and unseen are set in motion.
Where again our heart's sing to a beat it does maintain.

Where connections upon the pages begin to shine through.
Where the words show meaning of that we can see so clear.
Where as they flow across the pages to the rise and fall of the tide.
They create the cycles of magic to keep balance and banish fear.

So I call to the soul within to let the heart sing.
To sound your song with pride and show your passion.
To show that your song is yours and your soul will match your tune.
So let the heart sing it's song so full of love and compassion.

Jennifer Don © 2010

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