August 10, 2010


Alert eyes alive in the night.
A soul so bright of golden light,
No feathers found upon such a heavenly gift,
Although on the ground they are found when need of a lift,

Padded paws pacing over the land,
If only people can look and really understand...
My trusted shadow, undying love,
Strength within and guidance above.

I long to walk the path as you do,
To roam the lands side by side with you.
Running through the forest jumping over fallen trees.
Sitting upon the mountain top our song carried in the breeze.

Loyal and wise is what I truly see.
Knowing always your spirit be free
Where the truth of truth resides in your eye
Where in the night you raise your head high

If I could be such as you are
I could roam the land and travel far
To sing with great passing that burns within
To feel so alive every time we sing

Jennifer Don 2010

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