August 25, 2010

Silent Hunter

Those eyes, watching,
Staring out slowly blinking,
Cold and hard like steel in the night,
Deep hazel under the fading moonlight,

So focused, obviously searching,
Gazing out still slowly blinking
A sudden flash of light,
Those eye's now out of sight,

A shrilled cry echo's through the sky,
A flutter of birds reaching high,
A crack of thunder rings loud and clear,
Another crack as it draws in near,

Another flash of light and then all is still,
Then those eyes reappear seemingly had there fill.
No longer cold and hard, nor focused and slow.
Alert and sharp, warm watching where they may go.

For there he was proud in all his might,
The silent hunter within the night,
Awaiting the display to make his kill,
A task he did master with superior skill.

For he knew the smell upon the air,
And so for dinner he had a small bear,
Once eaten, full with delight,
Silent hunter fades into the night.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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