August 05, 2010



I need a hand that comes from you.
As you give me Joy in hopeful bursts.
You give me the light so can I see in the dark.
So that I can find my way back home.

I need you like a whisper in the wind,
Like a flowing river steam,
Like the peace that echos deep inside.
Like the warmth within my dreams

You are the shadows, you are the light,
You are the echos in the night,
You are the voices upon my thoughts,
You are the comfort of the beating heart

I need the hand that comes from you
Not all the time but you know when
For you pick me up when I am down
You shine your smile for me

You are the grace that lifts the soul
You are the hope in all the light
I need you like a friend in my life
Like a growing tree so wild

Jennifer Don 2010

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