August 18, 2010

Guardian Angel

I felt the urge to call out and ask " who are you?"
To that man stood by the doorway in the night.
I wanted to ask him " what is it that you do?"
Unable to take my eyes from him under the street light.

Somehow within I knew he wasn't like you or I.
I could see the smile growing upon his tender face.
For a moment I was compelled to look to the sky.
Somehow knowing within of who he is.

Unable to place the connection.
Unable to speak these words to him.
Unable to take my eyes from him in fascination.
Knowing only within that somehow I've met him before.

Slowly he approached outstretching his hand.
Still I could not take my eyes from him.
A knowing within that I could not yet understand.
And then he spoke to clear the air.

"You know who or what I am but cannot speak it can you?"
How could he know what I was thinking there in the dead of night
"You already know the answer to your question of what I do"
Stunned I felt compelled to ask "but how...?"

He spoke once more " I have always been around you"
"With you always guiding you, helping you, watching you grow"
"Watching you do those little things that you feel compelled to do"
"And yet even after these words you fail somehow to find the answer"

"Do you still fell compelled to know my name and what I do?"
"For if you still want these answers I can tell you"
"I come from a place where hope and dreams really do come true"
"I have been near your side always, I'm the one you've called out to"

"I do not hide who I am, but my true form may be too much for you"
"I have seen more than you would care to know"
"If you still feel a need to know, I am your Guardian Angel it's true"
Over come by feelings of such warmth, how could I not know this

How could I not know or speak the words I had inside me
He spoke again "Do not feel bad for It does not matter"
"Under the surface we are the same and perhaps one day you'll see"
"We have been through so much you and I"

"Your life has been hectic and so this glazed your eye"
"And now you know the answer to the questions in your mind"
"I am here always for you even when you cast your thoughts up high"
I stood there pondering his words as he said "It never will be goodbye"

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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