August 20, 2010

Here I Am

I came when I heard you calling,
I heard you crying,
I came as fast as I could,
If I could hold you I would,
If could wipe the tears that are falling,
Hold you close when you are crying,
I would,
Believe me I would,
Because here I am,
Here I am,

If only I could take your hand,
With a hope that you may understand,
But you can't feel me,
And you can't see me,
I tried believe me I tried,
But here I am, by your side,
If only you could hear what I say,
I might be gone, but not far away
Because here I am
Here I am

Those tears keep coming
Slowly falling
And all I can do
Is sit here with you
Right by your side tonight
Watching those tears fall in the light
If I could hold you like before I would
You know I would if only I could
Because here I am
Here I am

Jennifer Don (c) 2010
Align Centre

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