August 05, 2010


A lifetime passing with little regrets,
I could count them before I forget.
The one I regret the most.
Is how I never told you I loved you the most.
Is how I never gave you more attention,
If only I could pay you some sort of compensation.

I feel now that I'm to late,
To face the regrets upon my plate.
The fast turning tide has come to wash them away.
To clear the pain from regrets this very day
I regret how little I often held your hand
I regret now how little then I did understand

If I could go back and change those things I would
It's saddens me that I can't but If I could
I would tell you ever day how much I love you
I would mean every word because It would be true
I would give you more of my undivided attention
Helping you through each and every situation

Time however will not bend so that I make amends
I guess now it's something I have to comprehend
Oh how I regret the mistakes in life each turning night,
How I long for the warm mornings sunlight
I regret the little time we actually spent together
Under the setting sun each night gazing at each other

Those are the things I regret within my heart.
Those moments together did we truly start
If only I had been brave enough to say I love you
If only I had a second chance to spend my time with you
Please my love forgive me for my wrongs
And let me make it up to you with a tender song

Jennifer Don 2010

I had written this for a poetry competition that's just for fun.. Not that I'm expecting anything from it, but it's good to face new challenges and throw curve balls. The competition is a monthly thing and has themes. As you may of noticed the poem is about regret... that being the theme on show. I found it somewhat difficult having none to little regrets myself at this stage

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