August 16, 2010

Two Faiths

Two Faiths

Is it so wrong to feel so mixed as I do,
Devout to my faith of that I'm true,
And yet so pulled by another road.
A path so unknown that my heart does bode.

I still pray to you lord above,
Saying my prayers and sending my love,
Carrying the rosary each and every day.
But can I not walk the road and do it my way.

Why is this such a hard situation I can't leave behind,
Hundreds of thousands of questions wrap around my mind.
What will others think if they knew what I do.
Will they see my love and faith is still strong with you.

Will they shun me and cast me aside.
I'm so confused by the road I abide.
Dare I reveal my passion and interest
I know he's a druid but my heart won't rest

I long to be taught what he knows inside
I know he feels the same, a strange urging he can't hide
Surprising as it is, we are connected him and I
Watched over by the angels in the sky

We've crossed paths before, Him and I
Always feeling that pull catching each others eye
What will others think of this pure connection
No longer can we keep passing at the intersection.

Jennifer Don (C) 2010

A friend of mine requested a poem - a short poem about a catholic girl that feels a strong connection to a druid, she is feeling a strong spiritual connection, in dreams a pull, towards him. he is feeling the same way but in a masculine sense, wanting to help her teach her, his intuition is strong he is surprised to feel a pull towards a catholic. coincidences keep happening between them. like the angels, god, holy spirit is working.

I don't feel that what I've written quite matches what she had hoped for. Being neither Catholic or a Druid I was going in blind to this one. I knew it was going to be hard and wasn't worrying over it just letting things come and go as they do.

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