August 27, 2010

Letter To Heaven

If I could write to you a letter,
And send it to your heavenly home,
It would make me feel much better,
Rather than whispering under my dome
To pen the thoughts I feel the most
To voice the words I long to say
Would they be received by your heavenly host
Would they make it all the way

If there was a way in which to write to you
I would write a letter every week
To tell you how much I miss you
And perhaps what I've had to eat
I dream of seeing you once more
Reaching out to hold your hand
But then I wake and pick myself up off the floor
Within those dreams I ask and hope to understand

Why there are no stairs leading to you
As I'd climb them all to see you again
To be able to sit with you a moment or two
To talk about all the warm memories that remain
Oh how I dream of seeing your warm face
That tender loving smile and bright eyes
Knowing that your now in your resting place
Causes me to ache as I look to the sky

No stairs stand before me reaching up to you to
No doors seen in which I can cross on through
And so it's with that hurdle I think of something to do
I start to write a letter addressed to heaven for you
Tie it to a balloon and send it up with love
All the while my face is wet with tears
Like a steady stream they fall as I gaze to the sky above
And for that small moment I feel your presence near

I know then that my letter did in fact reach you
For only you could cast that sweet smell so known to me
I think then of what you would ask me to do
As I know that you are pain free
Slowly still those tears do fall upon my face
As my memories of you remain strong
And within my letter sent to your heavenly place
I wrote a verse from your favourite song

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Dedicated to those I've loved and lost so dear.. more so to my Aunt Irene who passed to the summer lands on Wednesday 25th of August 2010. To think it's only been 2 years, a month and six days since we lost your dad (Grampa) and a year and 5 days since your mum passed (Nana)and now you in only a short space of time has left us all bewildered and shocked. To think that it was an infection and not what you were about to face up to and fight. :(

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