August 01, 2010


Gone is the rain that filled the cloudy sky,
Gone are the clouds from way up high,
Silent now is the blowing wind tonight.
Gentle do the stars shine so bright.

Gone is the past for it wants to stay.
Gone is your touch that I miss today.
Here is the memories I hold so tight.
The words you spoke of, flowing this very night.

Here is the photo to remind me of you.
Its here in this moment I light a candle for you.
Gone are the tears that slowly fell.
Gone is the worry, I did dispel.

Gone you are not, not from my heart.
I won't let those memories depart.
Gone is your touch but not your love.
I can feel it shine down from above.

Gone are the moments I wish I could hold.
Here is your scent gentle but bold.
Gone are the chances of days spent with you,
But I'm always thinking of you and what you did do

Jennifer Don 2010

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