February 09, 2010

Restful Slumber

On the turn of every new night
I draw within my shining light
Slowly pulling each petal in
Drawing resources deep within

Edging each night to restful slumber
Peace of mind and dreams to remember
Through each night do I close my door
Closing to silent world so I may soar

Within the night my wings are free
Traveling to new heights and places to see
Soaring over the valleys below
Watching rainbow rivers as they flow

Twisting and turning by the river bed
Beyond the banks roses ever so red
New worlds full of wonder and delight
Sensational aspects and astounding light

Where all worries and woes will slip away
Fading from the mind to a place they will stay
Where warmth will fill every vacant cavern inside
To which wisdom grows forever to reside

So as I slumber in the peace of night
Perhaps I'll gain some new insight
To wake up in the morning fresh and free
To reflect the journeys shown to me

Jennifer Don ©

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