February 07, 2010

Night Storm

As a thunderous crack echo's through the sky
You can hear Mother Earth groan and sigh
As the heavens above open for rain to fall below
Lashing down, bounding off every surface as it goes

Taking shelter from within the cave this stormy night
A pack of wolves howl and whimper with the flashes of light
Staying warm awaiting for the storm to pass on by
One sits at the entrance and howls out to Father Sky

With more sudden flashes of rain and light
The storm is growing in all it's might
With another deafening boom throughout the land
Is this Mother Earth's way of a reprimand

Within the wilderness natures display of magnificence goes on
The wind now whistling through the trees it's hours to dawn
Such display or power it's natures true essence astounding
All the while the animals of the land remain in hiding

Sheltering from the harsh storm in full swing
The wind whistling with a song to sing
All through the night may the storm last
As it wont be long before the storm has past

Jennifer Don ©

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