February 25, 2010

Wolf Wisdom

With wolf wisdom a path be laid out for me,
As the pathfinder knows just what to see.
Within the darkness the light is found,
Where love can cherish and not be bound

Where from the nights sky the moon is a glow,
To shine my path by the river as it may flow,
Through the thick and thin it does not diminish,
Where wisdom grows from wolf it does not tarnish

To hear the cry is to know the soul within
To free the spirit to carry on and not give in
To source the road of what may be ahead
To know that passion in life is never dead

Wolf wisdom the insight given so dearly sought,
To know that answers be found and less be fought,
To carry all that is of need so close within,
Wolf wisdom grants your passage from deep within

A cry be a cry with a silent tear,
The wolf will guide and have no fear,
Follow the path that is shown your way,
To fear not the coming dawn of a new day

Wolf wisdom the spirit for me be free
My path is clear and shown to me
My vision granted from your trusted eyes
MY light be granted from the bodes of heavens skies

Jennifer Don (C)2010

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