February 10, 2010


And so my words trail into echos,
Rebounding back and forth in shards of what were,
Clouded and dazed no longer fill my head,
My woes are gone and worries now dead,
In sight I see the garden bloom,
Where carnations spray out in colours of all sorts,
Where the birds come and go like leaves in the wind
And so too does the bows of the trees sway in harmony,
As earth dances in her melody this day,
So too does my heart sigh a sigh of relief.
Mere peace in the balance now takes hold
A detox to the mind now so clear in sight
A joy to watch the world turn by
When the animals come and go carefree
In this astonishing garden upon the earth
A treasure to see how wonders can be
How magic is within our grasp when bounds are gone

A wisp of wind and a flicker gone past
Attractions grow and life does dance
As the swaying grass weaves it's magic
As the butterfly soon comes to land
Into the depths there's a hidden core
A source of love that's deep and sensual
And so it continues this peace of mine
Hidden within the paradise of harmony
Time is not of essence to escape the outside
So to here I sit in perfect balance truly given
No worries to face the chains are gone
Within the wind a subtle sweet tune
Aromas weave there way around the notes
Bouncing through even the smallest of reaches
And so life is for living in the magic where it dwells
No words be needed for peace is what is needed.
It's time to rest within this place of Eden

Jennifer Don © 2010

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