February 07, 2010

Our Troops

Bravery in the heart of the homeland
Where pride follows with no demand
Where our troops stand together as one
Where they know there work is never done

Whether home or away there pride will stay
For the fallen they will always pray
In there memory they dare battle on
Then when they rest they sing their song

Many voices sing the same deepening call
Pray they remain strong for no man to fall
Pray they're safe return to spouse's, daughters and sons
Send out your thoughts as they go on the reconnaissance

For out on the front-line the work is hard
Hearts on sleeves as they defend the home guard
For our safety the take this challenge as one
As a unit they aim for one day to return

So spare a thought for our troops our warriors
Men and Women of the forces, our saviours
With bravery and pride always in they're hearts
For they're country they play there parts

Jennifer Don ©

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